Week 36

Friday 09/09 – formulating main bullet points and choosing a subject

Week 37

Monday 12/09 – research blog established, chosen subject sent to Mette Sejrsbo for approval, research strategy outlined.

After the topic of ‘The Danish Language and Integration’ was approved we moved on to research the topic further using google advanced and basic google. Some research findings have been posted under the tab ‘sources’ including a satirical video on the Danish language. The clip demonstrates one general conception of the Danish language and its the pronunciation used.

We also researched language schools in Denmark and what is offered to migrants coming to Denmark. It was confirmed that migrants who become Danish citizens must learn Danish. This is to encourage integration and assimilation between migrants and local Danish people.

Tuesday 13/09 – today was spent discussing the specifics of the video production and defining the angle. We discussed the pitch and wrote a proposal outlining ideas, possible characters, and images.
We also discussed the idea of integration and assimilation in Denmark in relation to immigrants learning the native language. This is an excerpt of our discussing of the afore mentioned topic:

Humans as inherently social beings, naturally gravitate to those with whom they can communicate. The need to communicate and engage in personal culture means both language and culture are inclusive in the immigration journey. It is therefore natural that when migrating to a country with a different mother tongue, migrants would come together in order to fulfill their need to communicate and gather. Thus, when aiming to achieve assimilation and integration for both locals and migrants to speak the same language, is to unite the two units as one.

Another point of interest was the fact that 95% of the Danish population speak English, yet it is prescribed that all immigrants learn Danish upon arriving. It could make sense to use English as the uniting language in Denmark, however the need to preserve the Danish language and culture mean immigrants must participate in the Danish language.

More research on the topic of ‘the Danish language’ was conducted meaning more ideas were generated.

Wednesday 14/09 – More research was conducted into the Danish immigration test and the language requirements for the test. We found that to become a permanent residence in Denmark you are required to take the immigration test. The immigration test is an oral test consisting of two parts: a language test testing your Danish language skills and a knowledge test testing your knowledge about Denmark and Danish society. In order to qualify for the permanent residence permit, you must pass Prøve i Dansk 2 (Danish exam, level 2) or a Danish language test of an equivalent level or higher.

It was interesting to discover the importance and emphasis placed on immigrants learning the Danish language as a condition of permanent residence in the country.

Week 38

Monday 19/09 – We spent this afternoon after classes conducting more research into our topic, the Danish Language. After receiving contact details of a leader at CBSI Language School, Kobenhavn, we e-mailed her to try to obtain an interview. We think it would be really interesting to gain an insiders perspective on the way language schools work as well as personal opinions on the importance of immigrants learning Danish.

Tuesday 20/09 – Anne, the leader at CBSI Language School relied to our mail and accepted an interview for next Tuesday 27/09. We are really excited to meet her and she has also offered to put us in touch with a student currently learning Danish at her school.

Wednesday 21/09 – Today, Lasse and I worked on defining our production angle and the topics we wish to investigate. We redefined our production angle, removing the statement ‘95% of Danes speak English’ and placing more focus on preservation of the language and the conflict that can be created for immigrants learning Danish. It feels good to know which direction we are heading in and have a vision for our film. Today we also researched more deeply (using Google advanced and Zotero) into  what we call the ‘small country syndrome’ and the preservation of Danish culture. We left with this thought. Is there room for the Danish language in the future?

Week 39

Monday 26/09 – The manuscript was developed further

Tuesday 27/09 – Today we interview Anne the leader at CBSI Sprogcenter in Norrebro, as well as a Burmese student. Both interviews were incredibly interesting and provided some very different perspectives for us to consider whilst producing the mini documentary.  We discovered that students are placed into learning categories based on their level of previous education. This means there is a certain amount of discrimination towards immigrants who have not have the privilege of previous education and are therefore not provided with level 2 and 3 Danish language lessons. This is a serious problem because levels 2 and 3 in Danish are required in order to obtain permanent residency.

Today was integral in further defining exactly what we viagra sans ordonnance are going to focus on in our mini documentary.

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